Quake startles Oklahoma

November 6th, 2011

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Last night I experienced my first real earthquake tremor.
I know we get a lot of quakes all the time, they just aren’t big.

Last nights was a 5.6.  That was some experience and I don’t
want to be in one where it splits the earth and causes all kinds
of damage.  If it happens though it will just be another thing
that I have to deal with and then I can see how others felt.

So are you doing the same thing in traffic exchanges and just
taking it easy, or are you the one that sets off the quakes?

Even though my quake experience was slight it was still a little
frightening.  So I thought about this as a marketing port and
looked at how I have been advertising.

It takes a creative mind you would think to come up with some
of these craze ads you see on TV or the Internet.  If you just let
go and step out of the safe zone then you could start a quake of
your own.

adKreator has had a lot of people making krazy splashes.
Some are even developing a quake in the exchanges.

The largest quake to hit was probably with the CTP.  Since TimTech
launched CTP there have been all kinds of different types of splashes
created to advertise it.  That is because they want you to start your
own quake and get the results you deserve.

Start learning how to make your own quake in the traffic exchange
industry today.

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