New Year, new month, and new action.

February 1st, 2017

I haven’t been blogging like I need to so I have decided that I am going to start this again.

First off my plans for BuildASplash.com hasn’t been completed like I was wanting.  That’s my
fault because I just haven’t felt like working on it.

Now that it is February and about 4 years later from first thought of revising.  I starting to
wonder if it’s to late.  Seeing the sites that are available should I just rethink and work more
as an affiliate or continue to my own adventure.

Thinking on a day that is lovely and feeling good continuing onward is the way.

Looking for more of an adventurous way.

With little more to say I hope that this gives you and update.


Delivering you Success,


Edward L Wade.

Feeling Broke!

August 24th, 2013

After years of frustration and few sales that get little income it is about time to give up.

Well I hope that doesn’t happen and because you can get online with little cost.

Start slow, don’t pay for what you can’t afford.

Start off with the right frame set.  It’s a business and you need to treat it as such.

Need to get tips to help you succeed with your start up?
Affiliate Funnel is one place to get started with traffic and branding you.
With weekly conferences you can learn a lot and get answers to your questions live.
The best part is that you can start free.

Click Track Profit is a great place to get information on how to use traffic exchanges, safelists,
paid-to-click, and tracking services.  Conferences also available through out the week.

Traffic Exchange List is a great place to go to get stats on traffic exchanges or to find
new traffic exchanges to use.

Need something to give away/sell?

Sure Fire Wealth is a place that list thousands of different products that you can get resell rights to.

Create splash pages and start making your business grow.

Delivering you Success,


Edward L Wade
PO Box 41
Savanna, OK

The Harvest has started.

September 3rd, 2012

TimTech has started a new type of mini card game. 
It’s Bill’s Awesome Sauce Harvest Fest, and it involves surfing 72 pages at several
traffic exchanges.  This can mean lots of traffic for you, as well as more cash.

That’s right! If you join in the Harvest and fill the card then you could win cash.
This is an exciting thing to have to keep the boring away from the everyday clicking.

To find out more information about the Harvest Fest just follow the link here.

Happy harvesting,

Edward L Wade

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When Down and Out…

July 22nd, 2012

Lately it seems like things just keep getting worst.

When things start going right something always seems to pop up.
If you feel this way then just be assured that you aren’t alone.

When you start feeling like your down and out just look toward Jesus
for the answers.

That’s how I have felt like lately this year.  It started off to be a good year
and then started going down.  It’s been like a roller coaster.

I’ve been stressed and started praying for help.  I was called to help out
my Church with camp.  I new that I was needed.  God was telling me that
I was needed.

A few days before the camp started I was told that I would need to feel in
with the cooking as well.  I was okay with it because I know how to cook
and I had a feeling that I may need to help out.

So here I am covering to tasks.  Being a sponsor and a cook.

It wasn’t as hard of a task as it may seem.  God helped out when I was
needing some extra help.  It was a great experience and I would do it

All I would like to say is “When you feel like no one loves you, God always will”.

He has changed my life and has helped me through times when I could not found
an answer to.  So when you start feeling low and don’t have anyone to talk with,
just take some time to pray.

If you feel like your lost and lonely in this world just visit a local Church.

Yes this is off base from what the site is about, but this site may not have existed
with out God’s help.

If you haven’t asked God into your life take the time to get to know Him and let Him help you.


Thanks for reading,

Edward L Wade

Quake startles Oklahoma

November 6th, 2011

Last night I experienced my first real earthquake tremor.
I know we get a lot of quakes all the time, they just aren’t big.

Last nights was a 5.6.  That was some experience and I don’t
want to be in one where it splits the earth and causes all kinds
of damage.  If it happens though it will just be another thing
that I have to deal with and then I can see how others felt.

So are you doing the same thing in traffic exchanges and just
taking it easy, or are you the one that sets off the quakes?

Even though my quake experience was slight it was still a little
frightening.  So I thought about this as a marketing port and
looked at how I have been advertising.

It takes a creative mind you would think to come up with some
of these craze ads you see on TV or the Internet.  If you just let
go and step out of the safe zone then you could start a quake of
your own.

adKreator has had a lot of people making krazy splashes.
Some are even developing a quake in the exchanges.

The largest quake to hit was probably with the CTP.  Since TimTech
launched CTP there have been all kinds of different types of splashes
created to advertise it.  That is because they want you to start your
own quake and get the results you deserve.

Start learning how to make your own quake in the traffic exchange
industry today.

Easy Branding In TEs.

January 28th, 2011

The most under looked thing about advertising in traffic exchanges is
branding.  You may be setting up a splash or squeeze page but leave
off the personalizing or branding.

This is something that I will be working on to fix with the rebuild.
While it is easy to brand yourself in the most popular TEs that use
Gravatar.com members still fail to use it.

Gravatar is a great service that allows you to have your picture,
that is registered with the email you suggest, displayed on sites that
use the Gravatar service.

WordPress has this feature on their site as well.  Which means that
you will also be adding branding to comments that you post on
other WordPress blogs.

To start branding yourself in most traffic exchanges all you have
to do is sign up at Gravatar and register the emails that you use
in traffic exchanges and upload a picture.

This will help get your started branding yourself which can help
get you more sales/signups.

Here are some traffic exchanges that use Gravatar’s service and
are great social exchanges as well.  You can do more than just
brand  yourself with an image at these sites.

Best Squeeze Page Essentials

December 31st, 2010

Squeeze Page or Company Website?

Every business should have both!

Just about every business needs a company website with several website pages to provide more information including contact information, About Us-type pages, detailed product and company information.

The Squeeze Page?  What is it and why does your business need it?

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How to get refferals-Traffic Exchange Guide

December 28th, 2010

Result? Lots of Free Traffic, coming to your sites!

All of these exchanges have timers & anti-cheat mechanisms which force the user to wait for the predetermined time before they can continue to the next site. That way you increase your overall exposure to more different people. 2:Optional – We have registered with Pageswirl to promote our sites in rotation.

Keep an eye out for other exchanges and join them where you can. That will immediately get your site displayed much more often and for much longer without the need for you to surf. Pageswirl is also one of the very few rotators which is accepted & approved by most of the traffic exchanges.
A site rotator essentially is a website which allows you to enter more than one url link within it. The only downside to the exchanges, is that you have to surf yourself to view other peoples websites.

We will by now have created a notepad file with all our login information for each of the traffic exchange Url’s. Solution? Join Yahoo.com and apply for one of their free email services.

Join the list below then keep reading!

Please make sure that you have a good and always updated antivirus software to protect you at all times.

This rotator while Free, does NOT have any pop-ups in a frame, banner ads, or navigational frames! This is important for when you are submitting to the traffic exchanges. traffic exchanges are sites that can help you earn traffic. They also have timers, some are longer than others. Optional: There’s one management tool that you should use with the Traffic Exchanges if u want to promote more than two links. It will enable traffic to start flowing to your websites, blog, or referral links. A Good & Free site rotator can be found here: PageSwirl.com. Some traffic exchanges show your site for every site you view, others show your site after you view 3 or 4. This tool is a site rotator. How do you get referrals? Traffic.

Here is the list of Traffic Exchanges which have performed for me during testing.Join up each traffic exchange, the more traffic exchanges you sign up with, the more exposure you will have to your target audience! Some exchanges may not accept a rotator like pageswirl. 04: Top Surfer – Good Results With This Exchange

The site rotator website will give you a special url link which you can use to enter into your traffic exchanges. 1: Optional – We have Signed up & activated our yahoo email account.
There are other traffic exchanges, but these are probably the best known & best performing exchanges. This special link will then rotate between all the websites you have listed. (Free Advertising!)

When the time comes that you want to change the website(s) that you’re promoting, all you have to do is login to one place online and make one change that will affect all your advertising links across your entire traffic exchange networks.

Your not wasting your hard earned credit by showing the same surfers the same link many times.

How? You get credits for every website you view. This guide is mainly geared to the Internet Marketing Newbies who don’t have the knowledge to get started. 03: Traffic-Splash – Great Results With This Exchange

The more you surf, the more views will be allocated to your site. A great idea is to load up all your traffic exchange referral url’s into your rotator, and then advertise all your traffic exchanges to all the other exchanges to bring in as many referrals as you can. Part of the deal is that you must confirm emails from the exchanges and receive members emails for signing up. That’s ok, it’s not too bad, but I am sure that you would want your primary email address clean from excess emails!

(I paid for the good performers only), but we will try to avoid paying as much as possible! You can experiment yourself as your budget allows.

When visitors access your traffic exchange URL, your rotator automatically transports them to one of the web pages you’ve chosen to advertise.

All these exchanges are free to join although you can pay to get traffic credits. You must maintain at least 1 to 2 hours a day clicking through to earn credits. Let’s start to put all this together.

This is also very important. Traffic is important when you are looking to make a full time income online. Many sites will also give you free credits when you sign up.. Most exchanges will give you lots of credits for signing up new referrals, and also a percentage of each referrals surfing credits! Do this for a month or two. This will gain you much extra leverage, and will cut down your surfing time by a huge margin!
Just make sure that you join all of them! With most of them, you will get free credits upon joining!Make sure that every exchange you join has the “Manual Surf” option.

01:EasyHits4U – Highly recommended!

3: We have registered with each traffic exchange and confirmed the memberships through our email accounts.
Surf each lot on alternating days. This is a quick-start tutorial on how to get started with promoting your internet business. 05: Free Million Auto Surf – Automatic surf, good for traffic, but medium results
Optional: Try to not use your proper email address when you sign up to any traffic exchanges. Always Check that you have assigned your credits to your traffic exchange referral site! And Keep checking the exchanges every now & then to make sure that your site has enough hits assigned to it! Failure to do so will mean your site will not be viewed by the other surfers!Next step:

Many of these exchanges require you to surf a minimum number of sites before your account becomes activated. New Exchanges are terrific for grabbing new recruits as they sign up.
For more tutorials and guides, please visit this website!With the help of this guide, you should be able to hit the ground running!

I have tested many exchanges and I have prepared a list of the best performing traffic exchanges. When setting up your Traffic Exchange Information, list your site rotator url as the website that you want to promote. Many of them let you upgrade your membership.

article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/finance-articles/how-to-get-refferals-traffic-exchange-guide-3577993.html

About the Author

Jhon Primaru is a serious cashmaker webmaster. Jhon Is a dedicated tutorial maker with 20 years of experience and has published numerous articles on making online money. He offers free tutorials and guides articles at his website. You can visit his website and learn all about marketing!

Effectively Make Money With Traffic Exchanges

December 28th, 2010

Manual traffic exchanges allow you to earn visits to your web pages by viewing the web sites of the other members. In other words, a traffic exchange allows members to exchange traffic between their sites.

When you join a traffic exchange, you can join as a free member or as a paid member with a monthly subscription.

The goal in joining a traffic exchange is the opportunity to promote your URLs and have other members view, and often times, join them. Whenever you view other members’ pages, you earn credits towards them seeing your page. Paid upgraded members usually earn more credits than free accounts, allowing them to surf less for the same number of credits. You’ll typically view each page while a timer counts down, usually from 10 to 30 seconds, before you can move on to the next page.

To earn credits as quickly as possible, you may want to surf traffic exchanges by opening up multiple tabs in your browser.

You page must be both quick to load, and quick to grab their attention, as many other users are also using multiple tabs. It is crucial that the URL you are advertising have enough draw that the other surfers want to click through and stay on your site.

And because most members are clicking almost mechanically to get to the next page, they will need to see your page several times before they decide to do more than glance at your headline. This means you will need lots of credits to successfully promote your URLs.

These facts have a profound effect on your ability to make money using traffic exchanges. To make a significant amount of money from traffic exchanges there are two things you must do.

Build a Downline

The first thing you need to do is refer people to the traffic exchange in order to build a downline. That is, you must encourage other people to join a traffic exchange from your promotional link to that exchange. You may receive credits worth 10% or 20% of the credits earned by the surfing of your downline. In addition to receiving traffic credits from your downline, some traffic exchanges pay handsome commissions just for signing a referral up. Two such exchanges are Traffic Witch and Traffic-Splash, which just happen to also be two exchanges that give excellent results!

A large downline adds significant credits to your account and allows your pages to be displayed frequently. Building your downline gives your tremedous power to promote money making opportunities with traffic exchanges.

There are two ways to accomplish this. That is, you use a splash page from traffic exchange “A” on traffic exchange “B” and visa versa. So, when someone surfs traffic exchange “B” and joins traffic exchange “A” from your splash page, you’ve added to your downline on exchange “A”.

The second way to build a downline is to make use of a traffic building resource like TheViralBuilder. TheViralBuider orgranizes all your referral links into one place, so that anyone who joins under you is shown all the links needed for them to join the manual traffic exchanges as your downline.

Then, when you advertise TheViralBuilder, the links to the various exchanges will contain your program IDs. When someone joins the traffic exchanges via your TheViralBuilder link, you’ll gain a downline in each of those traffic exchanges.

This is a very powerful technique for building downlines on the traffic exchanges.

Build a List

A quarter of the web pages in a traffic exchange ask for your email address while another 38% of the pages will ask for your email address when you click to a second page.

An opt-in list allows you to send out newsletters that cover a topic of interest to your list members. As you cover topics relevant to your list members you’ll build credibility with them.

In addition to providing a downline building program, TheViralBuilder also helps to grow the number of subscribers to your mailing list.

These things will put you ahead of the average exchange member.

You can learn more about how to make money with traffic exchanges here.

article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/effectively-make-money-with-traffic-exchanges-998033.html

About the Author

I like to help others learn what affiliate programs and internet marketing methods work. Let’s work together to make a success.

All about the ways of getting best traffic exchange

December 28th, 2010

Traffic Exchange is entirely a new concept to the world. If any one has registered his or her web site with a traffic , then his or her website appears as a separate window in any others website. At the same time, others website would appear as separate window, if he or she opened any website. In easy way, there is some website, there you can post your URL, and this URL is displayed on others website, and similarly you get to display others URL in your site. This could be happens when visitors can be exchanges with others. The entire concepts help to increasing traffic to your own web site and bringing in more traffic.

Some of the web sites in Internet, who want more viewer ship for their newsletters, affiliates of other websites who would more payment for through their advertisement. There is lots of websites, offering the  exchange of Traffic. With this online exchange of Traffic, there are lots of advantages, to ensure more traffic, increase viewer ship, promoting their products in the net. There is another advantage with this  traffic online exchange, which is targeting the visitor. It means, if you are promoting a website for sunglasses, then the site is advertised in others websites which are related to sunglasses.

There are two types of traffic exchange, first one is manual traffic and second one is auto exchange. Manual traffic exchanges require the members viewing to click on the screen to go to the next site while auto exchange of traffic just requires a browser and the sites are continuously shown after every minimum timeframe.

Exchange of Traffic surely has lots of benefits. It is a very powerful marketing tool. Having a free membership opens an aspiring internet entrepreneur to a lot of opportunities that would be very useful for the business.

There are lot ways to get this online traffic , they are all quite different. The best exchange of Traffic  depends on their speed, efficiency and the type of traffic they are generating. And also some of the traffic exchangers are sending the visitors, which they are unlikely to you subject.  

The best way to promoting your product is own traffic exchange, means manual traffic exchange, choose a manual traffic , with many participating sites to allow your sites the most benefit from your efforts. These participating websites allows your website to most benefits from your efforts. This is the best and easiest way to getting publicity for your product in the internet.  

The online traffic is also remunerative and effective manner of promoting web sites hence promoting products which are sold online. Hence if you are some one selling products online then try Traffic exchange.

article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/networks-articles/all-about-the-ways-of-getting-best-traffic-exchange-1535243.html

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Free Traffic Exchange programs for EVERYONE – Find out the best traffic exchange system to promote and easy to profit from.To know more about Trophy Traffic exchange please visit our website http://trophytraffic.com/