Feeling Broke!

August 24th, 2013

After years of frustration and few sales that get little income it is about time to give up.

Well I hope that doesn’t happen and because you can get online with little cost.

Start slow, don’t pay for what you can’t afford.

Start off with the right frame set.  It’s a business and you need to treat it as such.

Need to get tips to help you succeed with your start up?
Affiliate Funnel is one place to get started with traffic and branding you.
With weekly conferences you can learn a lot and get answers to your questions live.
The best part is that you can start free.

Click Track Profit is a great place to get information on how to use traffic exchanges, safelists,
paid-to-click, and tracking services.  Conferences also available through out the week.

Traffic Exchange List is a great place to go to get stats on traffic exchanges or to find
new traffic exchanges to use.

Need something to give away/sell?

Sure Fire Wealth is a place that list thousands of different products that you can get resell rights to.

Create splash pages and start making your business grow.

Delivering you Success,


Edward L Wade
PO Box 41
Savanna, OK

Unlimited Free Buyer Traffic For Life

May 10th, 2013

Wonder why big companies pay thousands of dollars on advertising on Google?Paying $12,000 for 1000 views selling something that cost over $600 and getting
only a $100 profit.

That may seem crazy because they would need to sell over 100 just to make a little

The fact is that these ads are so targeted that they will covert highly.

You could have this kind of power.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars though. In fact with this system
you will be able to get these targeted ‘Buyer Traffic’ ads for free.

Learning how to use the power of an already highly ranked site that has
the authority power of having every page ranked highly.

Wikipedia seems like it is always ranked #1 yet they don’t have to go through
each page and do some SEO coding to make them rank that high.

It would be nice to get that power, but you just can’t get that over night.

This system will show you how you can backpack on a site that has that

Often missed because of the way that others have tried to use this and have failed.

http://trck.me/epictraffic/blog/ will show you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Generating everything in minutes to get you started fast at beating your competition.

Go take a look at the video that will explain more at


Epic Traffic Ninja

Epic Traffic Ninja – Free Buyer Traffic

The Harvest has started.

September 3rd, 2012

TimTech has started a new type of mini card game. 
It’s Bill’s Awesome Sauce Harvest Fest, and it involves surfing 72 pages at several
traffic exchanges.  This can mean lots of traffic for you, as well as more cash.

That’s right! If you join in the Harvest and fill the card then you could win cash.
This is an exciting thing to have to keep the boring away from the everyday clicking.

To find out more information about the Harvest Fest just follow the link here.

Happy harvesting,

Edward L Wade

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When Down and Out…

July 22nd, 2012

Lately it seems like things just keep getting worst.

When things start going right something always seems to pop up.
If you feel this way then just be assured that you aren’t alone.

When you start feeling like your down and out just look toward Jesus
for the answers.

That’s how I have felt like lately this year.  It started off to be a good year
and then started going down.  It’s been like a roller coaster.

I’ve been stressed and started praying for help.  I was called to help out
my Church with camp.  I new that I was needed.  God was telling me that
I was needed.

A few days before the camp started I was told that I would need to feel in
with the cooking as well.  I was okay with it because I know how to cook
and I had a feeling that I may need to help out.

So here I am covering to tasks.  Being a sponsor and a cook.

It wasn’t as hard of a task as it may seem.  God helped out when I was
needing some extra help.  It was a great experience and I would do it

All I would like to say is “When you feel like no one loves you, God always will”.

He has changed my life and has helped me through times when I could not found
an answer to.  So when you start feeling low and don’t have anyone to talk with,
just take some time to pray.

If you feel like your lost and lonely in this world just visit a local Church.

Yes this is off base from what the site is about, but this site may not have existed
with out God’s help.

If you haven’t asked God into your life take the time to get to know Him and let Him help you.


Thanks for reading,

Edward L Wade

Quake startles Oklahoma

November 6th, 2011

Last night I experienced my first real earthquake tremor.
I know we get a lot of quakes all the time, they just aren’t big.

Last nights was a 5.6.  That was some experience and I don’t
want to be in one where it splits the earth and causes all kinds
of damage.  If it happens though it will just be another thing
that I have to deal with and then I can see how others felt.

So are you doing the same thing in traffic exchanges and just
taking it easy, or are you the one that sets off the quakes?

Even though my quake experience was slight it was still a little
frightening.  So I thought about this as a marketing port and
looked at how I have been advertising.

It takes a creative mind you would think to come up with some
of these craze ads you see on TV or the Internet.  If you just let
go and step out of the safe zone then you could start a quake of
your own.

adKreator has had a lot of people making krazy splashes.
Some are even developing a quake in the exchanges.

The largest quake to hit was probably with the CTP.  Since TimTech
launched CTP there have been all kinds of different types of splashes
created to advertise it.  That is because they want you to start your
own quake and get the results you deserve.

Start learning how to make your own quake in the traffic exchange
industry today.

Super Fast Product Creation

August 8th, 2011

If you don’t have your own product
then you are not maximizing your
profit potential …

“Learn How To Create Your Own Product Super Fast”

Unrestricted Private Label Rights Included

Learn And At The Same Time
Use The Guide To Create Your Own

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List Building Renegade

August 8th, 2011

Successful marketers all have one thing in common.

They own massive lists filled with hungry, targeted buyers.

Clueless about how to build profitable, targeted lists to have tons of hungry prospects at your fingertips?

Not any more! Huge Bonus Included!

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Cash In On Your Voice

August 8th, 2011

Cashing In On Your Voice – Becoming a Voiceover Artist today

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Magazine Article Traffic

August 8th, 2011

Get More Traffic From The Search Engines Without Manipulating Your Website! Start Using Public Domain Magazine content to drive traffic to your niche website or blog

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Outsource Your Site Design

August 8th, 2011

PRO Outsourcing Site Design Video Tutorial

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